Get your snout out!

Spring has certainly made an entrance this year, with snouts being rammed with fresh scents at near gale force winds and a sun intent on silencing the whinging wintered public. I’ve been getting out with my mutts and lamenting the lame to others about the weather and loving how it feels to be off-lead.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the dog population quadrupled on these days. I love seeing all the mad mongrel melee’s that form into dognadoes and terrorise the legs and bikes of all in their mangy range. And who hasn’t laughed at the site of someone being knocked over by a seemingly ignorant nor caring dog?  

Spring also means allergies, so keep an eye out for your dog licking their paws incessantly, that’s one good sign to monitor them further and think about how you might feel with an itch you couldn’t tell anyone about. If your's is showing signs of sensitive skin, there’s many things that you do for your pooch that aren’t heavy on the meds.


By all means, consult a vet first but be forewarned that you may find yourself wanting for a long term solution without the nasty side-effects. It's a multi-pronged approach that includes changes to their diet and a combination of topical treatments that aim to restore the bodies natural immune response and regulate the sensitivity via a more hollistic approach. Dr Bruce Symes admits that treating sensitive skin can be an ongoing issue in some cases, but there are natural treatments that work. The NAS Skin Pack we offer is the treatment of choice for the staff at "Shar Pei Rescue" and they see a lot of extreme cases. Essential Dog uses oils, which nourish the skin. There's a great amount of options, you just need to find the one that works.


The best thing is to see a vet then do some research on the net to find out what else you can learn, after all, you look after the dog daily so you might as well know what you're doing and why.