play or be played


Is your dog digging holes in the yard? Got a pooch with a penchant for ball chasing? Anyone's pup in the pack like frisbees???


We've got the most durable and awesome toys for a whole range of mangy mutts, from tug ropes made of old fire-hose that lions struggle to tame, to floating, glowing and flowing frisbees made from recycled plastic bottles that'll keep a Border Collie happy in the winter nights.


aussie dog


They’ve Been Everywhere Man!
Aussie Dog are about providing safe and long lasting enrichment for all animals using interactive and environmental designs.
Their Research & Data practices involve many Australian and overseas zoos, veterinarians, behavior specialists and trainers and this experience has led to them designing the best enrichment products on the market.
These products are tried and tested to perform far beyond the conventional use.

Bungie Chook
From $87.00
Catch Ball
From $15.00
From $20.00
From $19.00
Enduro Ball
From $18.00
From $24.00
Home Alone
From $50.00
Puppy Pack
From $41.00
From $10.00
Tucker Ball
From $13.00
From $24.00

west paw design


Worried about how much plastic your dog eats? Tired of losing toys in the drink that sink? Wandering the park at night searching for dark toys?


West Paw toys are made from recycled PET fibres and are durable, bouyant and absolutely stunning to look at down your snout. They've even got some glow toys that can be boost-illuminated with your mobile phone.