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natural animal solutions


After some bath time potions and lotions that are made using Naturopathic methods?


NAS provides a clinical range of unique grooming solutions specifically developed for your pet's PH balance. 100% natural, pure ingredients without colours, perfumes, sulphates, chemicals or any other nasties. Traditional formulae suitable for all skin types.

essential dog


Need an alternative to bath time that's free from parabens, sulphates, mineral and castor oils? Something that contains no artificial colours, flavours or synthetic fragrances?


Essential oils are the most natural way to scent a product. Not only are they completely natural, they smell great and benefit both dog and owner to make bath time a pleasurable and relaxing experience. The unique blend of oils provide a relaxed atmosphere during bath time and will give you a unique opportunity to bond with your pet. Essential Dog source their therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils from an internationally acclaimed Australian natural perfumery who specialise in pet products.

vet's all natural


Want the best a vet would get?


Get only the best natural treatments to improve the health and longevity of your dog.

meals for mutts


After an Organic shampoo and conditioner?


Get Meals for Mutts and groom your dog for greatness.

fido's / mavlab

yard maintenance

Wondering what to do with the yellow patches on the lawn?


Take a look at Dog Rocks and you'll be amazed at how they work!

Dog Rocks
From $8.00