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'Got work?' - Maddy





Maddy - Red Kelpie

aka Margaret Leatherman, Madge, The Bananas, The Jersey Cow


Maddy was doing bird in West Wyalong when Australian Working Dog Rescue got her just in time. She was fostered out to Willomavin before I offered her food and lodgings in Ballarat. We hit it off well, but this little herder had some inner healing that called for even more help than I could give.  


I knew I was getting a piece of farm machinery, capable of herding sheep across vast barren stations, or highland hills, in snow or 45 degree heat, lauded the world over for their tenacity and intelligence, as much as their endurance and loyalty. 


Something was missing, though, with this little miss. She was jumpy and catatonic, was prone to peeing if I sneezed or coughed and was scared of big dogs. Walking her down a quiet street was like taking her down Elm St in my stripey red jumper. 


When I adopted her, I made a commitment that I would do all I could to provide her the best life I could and no challenge would be too hard for us to overcome.


But, I needed a little help, that would grow to be an even bigger help.





Bear - Bull Arab

aka The Meat, The Calf, The Boy, The Holstein Freshian


Bear's mum was homeless, full of pups but empty of food. Pet's Haven got her into foster care at Wynchelsea who in turn adopted his mum and transitioned all his siblings into awesome furever homes. 


Since he was 8wks old, he's been responsible for helping Maddy overcome her confidence issues and providing her "work" to stave off the effects of boredom in the urban setting.


I've been around animals my whole life, no two are the same, personality as much as breed can determine much of the animal you get in the mammal you got. These two were no different and I always advocate adopt, don't shop, it becomes a learning process for all of you and one you all come out better off for, if you put in the time and effort which is easy with such loveable lugs of furred flesh. 


Maddy herds packs in the park with pride and Bear loves an open space for maximum pace, their mates range from Chihuahua's to Deerhounds and on some days they even let me think I'm walking them on my terms. 


Together we've rolled and rocked along many roads in pursuit of big dreams and life experiences that enrich us all. The messages scent between the trees tell of far off places that these dogs are keen to explore. 


We wanted to share a few of the things we've learned along the way, some of the gems we've discovered and offer you things that have made Maddy and Bear the happy, healthy hounds they are today. 




We've learned that time spent in nature together, builds bonds that are forged forever. 


We've learned that the people who've helped us and inspired us along the way, often came from the least likely and most interesting of places. 


We aim to limit our impact on the environment, whilst still maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle to feed our bellies, minds and souls. 


This is why we chose the range of products we offer. We wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves, we've carefully selected only the best eco-friendly products.


But don't let us be the judge, that stuff's for the dogs.