feed the beast


Feeling unimpressed with the poor quality chaff being marketed as a meal these days? Wondering whether your best mate might be better off getting away from the cheap imported chum? Looking for something organic, free-range, natural and free from hormones and rank additives?


We've got the finest biccies, kibble, meals and mixes from "Earthz Pet", "Hypro", "Pure Life",  "Wellness CORE" and "Vet's All Natural".


vet's all natural


Got a hungry hound that likes it raw? Got a pup with skin or weight issues? Got an older dog with arthritis?


The range includes a muesli mix that mimics the gut contents of wild prey.


complete mix



Looking for an Australian Premium Brand that hasn't compromised on quality and contains nothing but natural and organic ingredients? Looking for Gluten and Grain Free solutions?


These are the hounds teeth in dry-foods for all types of dogs, including puppies, mongrels, sensitive skin, older dogs, those on a diet and even high performance working or show breeds.


pure life

wellness core

dry food

wet food

earthz pet