Summer Slummer

Ever find yourself overwhelmed and wondering when it’s going to let up, only to swallow the bitter fukitol pill, unfold your hair and let summer be summer in your life? I myself prefer vacillating between work and play with enough reckless abandon that I feel alive still, albeit with only a faint pulse on some days.


This attitude has presented me with some of my best memories, although it has also cost me dearly on occasion. I see our society descending into a baseline of stress and obligation and our only motivation is fear from the insecurity of our jobs, our home and our circling debts, which is why I’m unapologetic when I take time for myself, no matter how small a moment.


I’ve read and practiced many forms of breathing and relaxation to better take advantage of some of those moments, but sometimes it’s simpler than that and you just need to get out in the sun.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy every climate that Melbourne has to offer, and thanks to my dogs my bed has been a dermal abrasion of sand, mud and soil with a calming creek perfume, brewed locally, naturally. I realise not allowing them on the bed is the answer, but I keep forgetting to ask them the question.

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Summer all over the world is lauded with tireless clichés, we moan all winter only to moan about the heat and spend as much time as possible cowering in air-conditioned comfort that acclimatising becomes almost impossible, unless you have the Vitamin D benefit of an outdoors/tin warehouse job providing stifling sessions in return for minimum wage.


Whilst I’m cautious of my dogs safety at all times, I also hold a Kelpie in my deck of wildcards that is known for working tirelessly in all weather conditions. I like to test the myth wherever the opportunity allows and this one such day we were presented with 42oC and a delivery to make on foot. I followed the creek, so that water was imminently present for much of the journey  and gauged their behaviour to ensure they were coping in the heat, they’re off lead and can choose the path they see as best. Whilst my boy eventually began shadow seeking and getting selective in his runs, the mad red was like lightning and never once showed signs of tiring, if anything, it seemed to give her more steam.


I certainly don’t advocate trying this sort of thing with your dog unless your dog is fit to handle this. I take my dogs out daily, usually twice and in all kinds of environments, they’re not only fit for it, they’re conditions that they’re bred to handle so they’re built for it. I was mindful of the time, my route and my pack. I wouldn’t jeopardise their health, nor my own, by taking uncalculated risks, neither should you.

I do advocate taking your dog with you to as many places and environments as you can, getting yourself amongst it, making time to rid your vile shell of that grimy film acquired from earning your crust, get your blood moving to your head, get your limbs moving to your beat, no matter it be off to begin with. Summer comes but once and it doesn’t look back, it only moves forward, so get on it.

For your soul, here’s some music: Ball Park Music - Nice to be Alive