Molly – Rest Easy

I received news that a dog I’ve known for many years was sick today and not likely to get well. She was a sweet demon of a girl, with big floppy ears and a deceptive wagging tail. She’d wag her tail, let dogs approach and then unleash hell, sometimes, not all the time, but often enough to warrant vigilant eyes. The rest of the time, she was a happy bundle of contentment and she shared her life with Zorro, the dashing spoodle. 

She’s not my dog, she belongs to my apprehensively-adopted family, (more) people I’ve caused inordinate amounts of grief. On occasion, I’ve house/child/pet-sat for them and whenever the dogs could, we took them to our place. I did take the cat once, which inevitably became a debacle, as his name’s Taxi and he bolted out the front door on night 2 so I was left walking the streets calling “Taxi!” in hushed tones around the Ballarat back streets. 17 wary drivers later, I opted to head home and he eventually returned.

Not to be outdone, Molz was later party to a foiled breakout from the Bena Asylum in 2013, following Bear and Zorro before being detained by a neighbour that recognised the repeat offender (Bear) but not his cohorts (Molz and Zoric).


When questioned about the escape, Bear exclaimed, “there was no offence, it was a gate I pushed through with my big head to make my dash”, for unprecedented park time, no doubt.


The alleged ringleader, Margaret “Madge” Leatherman, was located back in her room and claimed no knowledge of the event, refusing to “rat on me soldiers”.


Molly was a funny dog, she enjoyed being part of a big pack, she loved her family, but she really loved it when you spent time with just you and her, without another dog or person nuzzling in to distract the moment.


It's never easy when a dog you know so well runs over the rainbow bridge. I sobbed and blubbed in tribute to her when my friend let me know and took my two for a walk and gave them vice-like hugs.  


Molz has gone to sleep, free from pain with a full life well-lived behind her. We’ll remember her, the pack will be a little different when I see my friends again, Madge and Bear will notice she’s not there and they’ll understand at that point. I’m sure they’ll give Zorro lots of licks.


R.I.P little Molly.  


For your soul, here’s some music:
Lisa Gerard - Serenity


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