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Calm for dogs


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Optimal strength nervine

An all natural optimal strength formulation of nervine and calming ingredients.

This gentle alcohol free formulation is palatable for pet's yet gentle on their stomach.

May assist in the relief of nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety


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"I am so happy with Calm, it has worked extremely well on my toy dog her anxiety/nervousness has calmed down a lot." Michelle

"This works really well to calm my terrified of thunder and fireworks dog. Great product." Judi

Lightning, thunder & fireworks

What it is:


Calm Remedy is a blend of nervine and calming herbs that assist with general well being. Ingredients are sourced from human naturopathic manufacturers and blended by an animal naturopath.

Our ingredients are pharmaceutical grade for optimum strength and are alcohol free making it easy to use with cats as well as fussy dogs.

What's in it:


Scullcap, withania, chamomile, astragalus.

How you use it:


2-3 drops x 2 daily
10kilos: 1.5ml x 2 daily
20kilos: 3ml x 2 daily
40kilos: 6ml x 2 daily
60kilos: 7ml x 2 daily

Single Use Application eg. storm
Double recommended dosage and administer as follows:
1 hour before event, 1/2 hour before event, and again just before leaving pet.