Dermal Oil (100ml)

Natural Animal Solutions (NAS)


Nurse! I need that OIL, STAT!


Skin Care for dogs


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Dry skin conditions

A clinical formulation containing the finest antibacterials, antifungals and plant extracts in a nourishing oil base.

A great addition to your pet's first aid kit.


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"Fantastic product, got rid of the fungal infection on my samoyeds face without having to go to the is nice to know i can use something natural." Mary

"Thanks for the cream Jacqueline. It works wonders on my clients dogs" Dog Groomer


Professionally formulated by Australian Naturopaths

What it is:


Dermal oil is long lasting and contains the finest natural antibacterials, antifungals and plant extracts to promote skin healing.

It also contains strong insect repelling properties, so it can be used to repel those annoying flies and mosquitoes.

What's in it:


Comfrey oil, neem seed oil, eycalyptus oil, lavender oil.

How you use it:


Apply to affected areas on skin 1 - 2 times daily.