HerbaGuard Shampoo (375ml)

Natural Animal Solutions (NAS)


A low irritant, natural repellent.


Natural Flea Shampoo for dogs


  • 0.4 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days
  • Deeply nourishing and cleansing
  • Contains 7 naturally repelling herbal ingredients
  • Contains no harmful or skin irritating chemicals
  • Perfume free

What it is:


Many popular brands of shampoo may be effective in managing fleas, but unfortunately they often contain perfumes and chemicals that can irritate your pet’s delicate skin and coat. If your pet has sensitive skin, you should be using a gentle and natural shampoo, just like our HerbaGuard Shampoo.


Natural Animal Solutions® HerbaGuard Shampoo is the perfect natural solution.  Our shampoo is 100% natural, contains only botanical ingredients and has added natural herbal repellents. HerbaGuard Shampoo also contains specially selected low irritant ingredients making it perfect for use on ALL skin types, including sensitive skin.


HerbaGuard Shampoo has been developed by our skincare specialists to be used in combination with Natural Animal Solutions® HerbaGuard Powder.


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Key features:

  • Sulphate, chemical, colour and paraben free
  • Contains 7 naturally repelling herbal ingredients
  • Contains no harmful or skin irritating chemicals
  • Developed by the skin care specialists
  • Weight: 375ml

What's in it:


Apple cider vinegar
Black walnut
Fever few
Neem seed oil


How you use it:


Directions for washing your pet’s coat the NAS way!

  • Wet their coat thoroughly using warm water
  • Apply a small amount of HerbaGuard Shampoo to their coat and gently massage down to the skin
  • Add more HerbaGuard Shampoo as required
  • Give them a really good overall massage to allow HerbaGuard Shampoo to nourish the skin
  • Rinse coat thoroughly
  • Repeat if necessary
  • Dry them with a fresh towel

As with all shampoo and conditioners it is best to avoid getting HerbaGuard Shampoo into your pet’s eyes.

Delivery: Liquid solution
Contraindications: None
*Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, seek veterinarian advice