RespraEze (100ml)

Natural Animal Solutions (NAS)


Respiratory support


Respiratory support


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Optimal strength, natural formulation

A nutraceutical grade formulation to assist respiratory discomfort.

Containing highly active laboratory tested ingredients.

This 'All Natural' preparation is safe for your pet whilst being cortisone and anti-biotic free.


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"Thank you, once again for all your help in treating our miniture poodle "Ben". The cough has finally cleared and he is looking the best he has in years. Our local vet was very impressed. Wanted to know what you did to clear the cough! Thanks again" E Fletcher Dereel


Respiratory Support

What it is:


It is now safe and easy to assist common respiratory problems with simple solutions which have been used effectively within our successful clinics for many years.

Natural Animal Solutions® RespraEze is a unique nutraceutical grade formulation, crafted using highly active laboratory tested ingredients. RespraEze is an effective, easy to administer natural formulation free from antibiotics.

RespraEze has been formulated with key active ingredients containing biodynamic, pure herbal extracts for maximum concentration and effectiveness.

What's in it:


White horehound, marshamallow, echinachea, licorice, golden seal, Andrographis.

How you use it:



Dilute recommended dosage in 3 - 5 ml of water.


Administer orally or add to feed.



2 - 3 drops x 2 daily

10 kilo: 1ml x 2 daily
20 - 30 kilo: 2ml x 2 daily
30 - 40 kilo: 3ml x 2 daily
60 kilo: 4ml x 2 daily