Single Protein Snacks



All natural treats.

Natural Treat for dogs


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Lickables are an all-natural treat designed to provide dogs with a daily snack that is healthy for them. There are four varieties of Lickables and they are all 100% natural containing no preservatives, additives or added flavours. Every packet of Lickables is low in fat and high in protein.

Dogs just love them because of the naturally concentrated flavour and aroma.

  • Natural Ingredients - Allows you to monitor your dog’s food intake and avoid the consumption of unsafe chemical additives that can be found in other treats
  • High in Protein - Lickables predominantly contain natural meat products, so the protein levels are high to help dogs and puppies develop healthy muscles and bones
  • No Added Flavours – not needed … the flavour and aroma are naturally concentrated from the meat ingredients.
  • No Additives or Preservatives - nutritionally sound treats for pets to enjoy
  • Cold Dehydrated Snacks - by removing all moisture, Lickables do not require any refrigeration so a pack has up to two years shelf life
  • Available in Several Varieties – to suit every dog’s palate.
  • Resealable Packaging - provides the convenience of being easy to store while keeping the snacks fresh
  • Made in Australia - Lickables supports all local manufacturing, without concern of irradiation or preservatives often associated with imported products.