Health-Treat Puppy - 100g

Vet's All Natural


Healthy Treat for Puppies

Healthy puppy treat


  • 0.1 kg
  • Available
  • Ships within 3-5 days
  • Multi-Vitamins for your Puppy
  • Veterinary Formulated
  • All Natural Ingredients

What it is:


HealthTreats for Puppies are formulated to provide extra calcium, vitamins and minerals for your growing pup. They are the ideal, healthy training aid for your pup’s early lessons in life. They assist bone and muscle development and makes the ideal healthy every day treat.


Typical Average Analysis

              Protein 34.6%          
              Fat 5.6%          
              Carbohydrate 25.2%          
              Moisture 30.9%          
              Fibre 0.9%          

What's in it:


Kangaroo meat, rolled oats, flax seed meal, brewers yeast, calcium carbonate, kelp (vitagrain), lecithin powder, garlic powder, dried peas, carrot flakes, vitamin C, minimal potassium sorbate.


How you use it:

One or two chews per10kg bodyweight daily.